Tour Judging Information


Bigger in Texas .... Better in a Clasic Car

Car Judging Information The previously used 24 classes are being consolidated into the following categories. Class may be further combined, modified, or eliminated based on the number of entries in each, or at the discretion of the Chief Judge. In addition to the first, second, and third place class awards, more than a dozen special trophies. 1. All cars through 1916 2. 1909-1927 Model T Ford 3. 1917-1927 4 cylinder, except Ford 4. 1917-1927 More than 4 cylinders 5. 1928-1931 Model A Fords 6. 1928-1938 Open Cars 7. 1928-1938 Closed Cars 8. 1939-1948 Open Cars 9. 1939-1948 Closed Cars 10. 1925-1948 Classic Cars 11. 1949-1958 Open Cars 12. 1949-1958 Closed Cars 13. 1959-1968 Open Cars 14. 1959-1968 Closed Cars 15. 1969-1993 Open Cars 16. 1969-1993 Closed Cars 17. All Commercial and Military Vehicles 18. Special Interest, all through 1993 including motorcycles . JIM & JANE DAVIE MEMORIAL TROPHY ENTRY FORM For the Best Owner-Restored Car on the Texas Tour YEAR___________ MAKE___________ JUDGING CLASS___________ OWNER_________________________CAR NUMBER ____________ An owner-restored car is one that was largely restored by its current owner and not by a professional. For the car to be eligible for this award it must be at least 25 years old, the owner must have personally performed at least 2/3 (67%) of the restoration, and must not be a professional in automotive restoration work. (A professional is a workman who is compensated in some manner for doing a particular type or phase of automotive repair or restoration work.) The owner shall assess the percentage of work personally performed in the restoration of each category listed below. (Omit categories that do not pertain to your car’s restoration.) The average of the categories involved shall be added to the score from the class judging. The highest combined total will determine which car is the best restored with the greatest amount of work performed by the owner. NOTE: Machine work is beyond the capability of the majority of owner-restorers. So, for example, if the owner did ALL of the disassembly and reassembly of, say, the transmission or the engine (which also may have required professional restoration machine work) he may consider that he has done 100% of that category restoration. WORK PERFORMED BY: (Omit any category that doesn’t pertain to this car’s restoration) PROFESSIONAL OWNER ENGINE Disassembled _____________ % ___________% Reassembled ______________% ___________% CHASSIS Running Gear ______________% ___________% Rear End & Transmission ______________% ___________% BODY WORK Wood Work ______________% ___________% Metal Work ______________% ___________% Painting ______________% ___________% Striping ______________% ___________% ELECTRICAL ______________% ___________% UPHOLSTERING ______________% ___________% TOP WORK ______________% ___________% OWNER’S TOTAL ___________ (Add %’s above) AVERAGE RESTORATION POINTS - Divide OWNER’S TOTAL by total number of categories restored by the OWNER AND/OR A PROFESSIONAL – 67 points minimum ____________. Owner certifies the above is a true assessment: Signature: __________________________________________________ Chief Judge enter Class Judging Points: _______________ TOTAL of AVERAGE RESTORATION POINTS & JUDGING POINTS